colombia orchid farm

Take an amazing tour at Romelia Farm

Colombia has been recognized worldwide for its 40 years of orchid export experience and today we want you to know The Romelia Farm, a place where you would be able to enjoy a wonderful garden with more than 800 flowers.

The Orchid or Cattleya Trianae as it is scientifically known is our national flower and it can be found all over our territory with 4.270 species registered.

The Orchid was considered a symbol of pureness and spiritual perfection by China’s Emperor Shen Nun, a well-known character for the protection and special care towards the flower.

Colombia has a worldwide recognition thanks to its 40 years of exporting experience, being the second largest exporter of flowers, just behind Netherland. The flower business generates 120.000 direct employments where most of them are women related to environmental sustainability programs.

Around the world, our country participates in exhibitions, fairs, parties that honor the beauty of this exotic flower and without a shadow of a doubt we have the most beautiful and colorful flowers.

Today we would like to invite you to know this amazing family project just 35 minutes away of out Hacienda, where you can learn and enjoy a great Orchid Tour guided by José y Marisa, owners of The Romelia Farm, who gently and most kindly will open their door of their outstanding garden with more than 800 nationals and foreign orchids. For more information, please click here.

hacienda el rosario manizales

Hacienda El Rosario History

For more than 100 years, we have had the privilege of sharing with family the best-kept secret of the coffee zone. With care, we have preserved the tradition of the region.


A place to go back in time, where peace, tranquility, and well-being surpass imagination. Here it will not be strange to feel at home, even if you are many kilometers away.


We are the Hacienda el Rosario family and we want to share with you this true jewel of history.

Join us by keeping alive this extraordinary environment full of joy, where nothing compares to the sound of birds chirping at the beginning of the day. Feel the smell of the trees and the fruits of the tropics, the aroma of freshly brewed breakfast coffee and the warm attention of our people.


Discover and explore a paradise full of history, where you can rest and enjoy time with your family. Feel the embrace of nature, immersed in the tranquility of the Coffee Region.


The doors of this sublime place are open!

Hacienda El Rosario,

A paradise full of history

feria de manizales

Manizales Fair

In 2019 The Manizales Fair will celebrate its 63rd anniversary. It is considered the most important festival in the capital of the department of Caldas for its mixture of tradition, art, and culture. In 2018 nearly 400,000 tourists visited the fair and visitors will continue to enjoy the fair for years to come.

In each version, a bullfighting spectacle is offered that attracts locals and foreigners to experience the “brave party” in its own flesh, with a poster of international stature, where lovers of this show enjoy each corrida to the fullest. This great event of the city was inspired by the April fair in Seville in Spain and adapted to the coffee culture. The human warmth of the caldense that receives thousands of tourists year after year, proves that it is really “The Best Fair in America”.

Within the framework of this celebration, tourists and locals can enjoy musical events such as Cantinazo Mix, which will take place on January 5 and will feature artists such as Piso 21, Zodiac Orchestra, New Swing Sextet, Yelsid, Kevin Roldán, and Jorge Celedón. As well as, exhibitions of handicrafts, a carriage parade, horseback riding, sporting events, rumba tents, carriage race of balineras, trova festival, the tango via, concerts for all tastes, traditional arrierías and a pyrotechnics show for all the city.


One of the most important events of the Fair is the International Coffee Reign, which has candidates from different countries of the world, where coffee is part of its economy and the city promotes this product as an emblem of the region. This will be the No. 48 delivery of this award and it will take place on January 12.


Version No. 63 of the Manizales Fair is full of surprises for all who bucks up to live this great party that will take place from January 5 to 13, 2019. Do you already have a place to stay? Meet our Hacienda and take advantage of this magical date to discover a paradise full of history.

paisaje cultural cafetero

Coffee Cultural Landscape

The Coffee Cultural Landscape, is configured as the most important cultural asset of the Coffee Triangle, for the representation that its inhabitants and ancestors have had in the preservation of cultural heritage, perpetuating through its narratives and interaction, its idiosyncrasies, explaining the process of coffee as an emblematic product of the region, offering the gastronomic products in places with an impeccable architecture and allowing the tourist to explore the main roads, trails, and sidewalks, appreciating the fauna and flora that embraces it during the tour.


Its main area is composed of 47 municipalities and 411 lanes and in its adjacencies by 4 municipalities and 447 lanes of the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca, located in the Cordillera de Los Andes, in the branches of Central and Occidental.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape brings together history, culture, economy, nature, and passion for the countryside


Our tourism offers experiences and adds a value to each visitor, who carries in his heart a coffee bean grown by our farmers, who pass from generation to generation their wisdom to continue producing the best cups of coffee and be recognized worldwide. Discover the experiences we offer with our partners to get to know the region!

The support of the United Nations (UN), by declaring the World Cultural Heritage to Coffee Cultural Landscape in 2011, enhances its image and places it as a benchmark of the trinomial between family work, legality, and sustainability.


Come and enjoy this unique region, stay at our rural hacienda with more than 100 years of history, immersed in the tranquility of nature. We are 20 minutes from the city of Manizales and 50 minutes from the city of Pereira.