Colombia is the worldwide leader in watching birds

Colombia is the worldwide leader in bird-watching

There are at least 1,920 species and was recognized by The Global Big Day contest. A few years ago, Cornell University’s ornithological laboratory leads a spectacular contest called the “Global Big Day”. A contest focused on studying birds all over the world and to promote tourism and adventure.

For over three years, Colombia has been recognized globally for amateurs and experts as the number one country in bird-watching since they have at least 1,920 species, 197 of those are migratory, 79 endemic and 193 almost endemics. This wonderful recognition makes us extremely happy and highly proud taking into account that Manizales is one of the greater cities to perform this activity.

In 2019 the activity took place on May 4th, it lastest 24 hours and had 32.500 participants, 85.399 lists, for a grand total of 6.808 worldwide birds. Our country registered 1.590 birds, leaving Perú in second place with 1.516 birds.

One of the best watching place suggestions is located just 40 minutes away from our hacienda. It has 4.932 hectares of fog forest turning the Rio Blanco Natural Reserve into a unique attraction to observe the most beautiful birds of our region. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy a day surrounded by nature and pure air.

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