colombia orchid farm

Take an amazing tour at Romelia Farm

Colombia has been recognized worldwide for its 40 years of orchid export experience and today we want you to know The Romelia Farm, a place where you would be able to enjoy a wonderful garden with more than 800 flowers.

The Orchid or Cattleya Trianae as it is scientifically known is our national flower and it can be found all over our territory with 4.270 species registered.

The Orchid was considered a symbol of pureness and spiritual perfection by China’s Emperor Shen Nun, a well-known character for the protection and special care towards the flower.

Colombia has a worldwide recognition thanks to its 40 years of exporting experience, being the second largest exporter of flowers, just behind Netherland. The flower business generates 120.000 direct employments where most of them are women related to environmental sustainability programs.

Around the world, our country participates in exhibitions, fairs, parties that honor the beauty of this exotic flower and without a shadow of a doubt we have the most beautiful and colorful flowers.

Today we would like to invite you to know this amazing family project just 35 minutes away of out Hacienda, where you can learn and enjoy a great Orchid Tour guided by José y Marisa, owners of The Romelia Farm, who gently and most kindly will open their door of their outstanding garden with more than 800 nationals and foreign orchids. For more information, please click here.